Fuck, Fuckery, Fuckington, fucking fuckle berry cereal.

Hey look! This is an Independent RP blog for Taokaka, Her Sister Tora, and my persona's Vinnie and Brody :P. I am also a Muitfandomer and an ULTRA YAOI FAN kind of person so ye I do post them here. Oh ye and I has ships. to many of them to be honest.

CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH: Anything related to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Reigisa, Ssb4, Animal Crossing, or DRAMAtical Murder.
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» Crossers???
I need more ppl to play animal crossing with >: 0!! Message me of you want to play or nah.
Me: *smiles at phone*
Mom: a boy?
Me: a fanfiction
free isn't rly bara.... they are too skinny and gross

Ehhhhh it depends. Some characters have a more muscular build than others :L Its the way you look at it. Also the way otgers draw them too. bUT SAY MAN THEY AREN’T GROSS.

Bara is ruining my life. Bara game is getting to real.

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